2006 Finals

The 2006 Club Competition Finals were held on the weekend of 9th and 10th September.

Competition Winner(s) Runner(s) Up
Men’s Singles Martin Hope
Men’s Handicap Singles Brian Stallard
Men’s Sportsman Singles Steve Taylor
Men’s Over 60 Singles Brian Stallard
Men’s 2 Wood Singles Mel Williams
Ladies 4 Wood Singles Linda Kingston
Ladies 2 Wood Singles Tricia Pearce
Ladies Jubilee Plate Hazel McLellan
Junior Singles Shaun Hicks
Mixed Singles Brian Stallard
Men’s Pairs Brian Stallard
Martin Hope

Ladies Pairs
Hazel Hayes
Rose Winter

Mixed Pairs Pam Barrett
G. Vincent

Sorry - no photo..
Men’s Triples Nick Hidden
Jack Clarke MBE
John White

Sorry - no photo..
Ladies Triples Jeanne Clarke
Wendy Thomas
Rose Winter

Friday Afternoon Mixed Triples League Ian Duthie
Christine Forskitt
Brian Stallard
Steve Taylor

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