BWL lose out in Johns Trophy final

Bowls Wiltshire Ladies again lost out to Surrey Ladies in the Johns Trophy in what was a repeat of 2018’s final.

Surrey overcame 2016 champions Lincolnshire in their semi-final whilst Wiltshire defeated Essex by just three shots in theirs. Wiltshire were targeting their first success in the competition since 1995, with Surrey aiming for their fourth triumph in six years but sadly it was not to be.

Semi-Final Results:,
Surrey beat Lincolnshire 122-105

Wiltshire beat Essex 117-114
Rink Scores (Wiltshire skips first): A Fail lost to J Polley 12-26; S Griffiths lost to C Moss 19-28; S Bird beat S Madgewick 25-15; L Young beat E Score 23-16; A Jacobs beat A Smart 20-12; M Hartley beat B Bowyer 18-17

Surrey beat Wiltshire 142-91

Rink Scores (Surrey skips first): S Maylin beat S Griffiths 15-14; D Seward beat S Bird 24-18; P Garden beat L Young 18-16; D Souter beat A Jacobs 32-18; M Smith beat M Hartley 21-12; P Bourne beat A Fail 32-13.