Friday Afternoon Triples League success for Team B

The Friday Afternoon Triples League was finally concluded on the last Friday of the outdoor season following a number of weather-forced rearrangements in previous months. Whilst the competition was drawn out, the winners weren’t, the destination of the trophy decided weeks earlier, thanks to an unblemished record of 14 wins from 14 rounds.  So it’s a belated well done to Team ‘B’ comprising Heather Pollock, Bob Clements, Simon Cove and Andrew Wicks.

Whilst there are no records to confirm it, it is probably a first for the Friday League that a team has gone unbeaten through the competition,

Runners-up this year were Team ‘E’ comprising Josie Sullivan, Dee Clements/Peter Renouf, Tom Renno and Paul Barrow.

Thanks should go to John Spencer for organizing the event

Picture shows Andrew, Bob & Heather receiving the trophy from John. Thanks to Ashlee Lin for the photo.