2019 fixtures shaping up

With the dates of all the men’s leagues, ladies’ rinks and weekend friendlies now confirmed, along with a number of “special” fixtures already booked in, the 2019 schedule is progressing well. The arrangement of the ladies’ triples fixtures is about half way to completion, whilst the ladies’ friendly with Faringdon is confirmed and a date is awaited from Hungerford in order to finalise friendlies.

Friday Afternoon Triples dates have been drafted, but the actual number of rounds required will be dependent upon the number of teams participating next year. Assuming the same number of teams and same approach as 2018, then, with no touring team to host next year and the green open an additional week in September, there will be no non-Friday fixtures in the schedule.

The Evening Triples fixtures cannot begin to be defined until the men’s and ladies’ S&D league fixture arrangements are finalised, after which, the evening availability of the Highworth green will be known, leading to the determination of whether Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening within each week is to be scheduled. Like the Friday Afternoon Triples, the actual number of weeks required will be determined by the number of participating teams and a special challenge this year, will be trying to fit matches in given some weeks see all league sides at home.

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