Captain’s Column (Men’s Section)- April 2010

What a brilliant start to the new season we have had. On Tuesday 27 April we made our annual pilgrimage to Rodbourne Cheney to play our opening match of the 2010 S&D campaign. Always a difficult opening fixture and unfortunately one that we rarely manage to win, regarding any points as a bonus. It seemed as if history would repeat itself yet again with Highworth looking at best to secure 4 points. Then after 15 ends Highworth found themselves up on 3 rinks and just 6 shots down overall. Suddenly the possibility was there for a rare victory. The remainder of the match was a tense affair but Highworth managed to keep their nerve and came out the victors by 84 shots to 76. More significantly 12-2 Highworth!

Thursday 29 April and we were facing our 2nd  S&D match within the week again a tough one against Wroughton, this time a home fixture.  The weather being poor the Captains agreed no trial ends with just one shot to be scored from  each of the first 2 ends. Buoyed up from Tuesdays result Highworth quickly took the lead on all 4 rinks. Wroughton however did begin to make a comeback towards the end of the game, but Highworth managed to  remain in control , eventually winning  the match 96 -55 shots. 14 -0 Highworth. Two games played  26 league points.

Well done everyone!