Highworth Bowls Club

Club Competitions


Men’s Singles Challenge Cup 

Men’s Pairs – The Rangoon Memorial Plaque 



Ladies’ Singles – Ladies Stan-O-Line Trophy 



Open Two Wood

The Gwilym Perrett Shield – Singles ‘Sets’ Competition 

Mixed Triples  

Open Pairs

Over 55 Singles

Open Plate Singles

Open Handicap Singles – The E A Panting Cup

Beginners Trophy


Highworth Bowls Club Competition Rules                        Version 1 – 2022 Season 

 Under the control of the Competitions Secretary 

  1. All of the competitions will be played under the World Bowls Laws of the Sport and shall be managed by the Competitions Secretary. (unless expressly stated otherwise)
  1. The competitions draws and administration shall be organised by the Competition Secretary – who is empowered to apply the Rules of the Competition.
  1. Entry– Competitions are open to all fully paid up members of the Club only. Players must ensure that they are able to play on all fixed dates including finals day prior to entry.
  1. Dress– All players must be correctly dressed wearing CLUB SHIRTS and GREYS for all rounds excluding the Final when CLUB SHIRTS and WHITES must be worn. Failure to be properly attired will lead to disqualification.

Markers should preferably wear a white top with greys. A club shirt can be worn if no white top is available.

  1. All games to be played on or before the final given date for each round.
  1. A) The first drawn player shall become the ‘Challenger’ and must offer his opponent at least three dates for play, one of which must be a Saturday or Sunday and one must be a weekday evening. If the Challenger has not contacted and offered dates by ten days before the scheduled end of round then the opponent becomes the Challenger and shall and must offer one evening date and one weekend date and time. Opponents shall within 48 hours of receipt of the challenge reply, accepting one of the dates offered.

Players are at liberty to contact each other whether or not the challenger to make mutually agreeable arrangements, without following the formal rules. But the rules can and will be applied when this path is not followed or where less formal agreements cannot be made.

  1. If the game is unable to be played, the player who defaulted (in the opinion of the Competition Secretary or committee if appropriate) will be eliminated.
  1. If a game is not played by the closing date and neither of the Opponents has contacted the Competition Secretary with details of any issues related to the arrangement of the game or any other dispute, then they will BOTH be eliminated from the Competition.
  1. If the side/player is 30 or more minutes late the game may be claimed by the other side
  1. Mobile phones or other such devices should not be used during competitions, an opponent can make a claim for the game if they feel they have been unduly affected by an opponents use of a phone whether this happens on or away from the green.
  1. It is the Challenger’s (first named) responsibility to provide a competent marker for singles matches.
  1. Scorecards must be completed and either handed to the Competition Secretary within 48 hours of the game or left pinned to the noticeboard on which the draws are placed.
  1. All fixed date competitions must be played on the dates allocated, except in circumstances deemed ‘exceptional’ by the Competitions Secretary (for example, it is not considered exceptional to offer ‘holiday’ as a reason or to choose play in other competitions in preference to playing a club competition or to have to attend social/family events)
  1. A) In the event of a player being unavailable for a team (pairs, triples) fixed date competition this should be notified to the Competitions Secretary at the earliest convenience, who will then either allocate a substitute from a reserve list or ask the team to suggest a replacement. In both cases the new player should match as closely as possible to the ‘standard’ of the player being replaced. The Competition Secretary will always make the final decision as to the suitability or otherwise of the replacement and may take advice from the Ladies or Men’s Captains to aid the decision making.

          B) Only one substitution is permitted per team.

  1. Junior members, aged 12 years or under, may not enter singles competitions but may play in pairs or triples competitions provided a designated guardian known to the Junior (parent/grandparent/agreed DBS checked member) is present at all times.
  1. Disputes should be referred to the Competition Secretary who will decide the appropriate action or will escalate the issue for resolution by the Committee. In the case of any disputes, (if there is no obvious solution within these rules) a clear statement of the dispute with evidence where available, must be made in writing to the Competitions Secretary within 3 days of the date on which the dispute arose. The Competition Secretary may escalate the dispute to the Competitions Committee composing of the Ladies Captain or Deput,y and Men’s Captain or deputy, along with the Competition Secretary themselves.  

Club Competition Duration

Singles Men and Ladies – Score to 21

2 Wood Singles Men and Ladies  – 21 ends

Pairs  – 18 ends

Triples  – 18 ends

Gwilym Perrett              Early Rounds – Best of 3 sets first to 7              Semi and Final – Best of 5 sets first to 7