Highworth Bowls Club

Fixtures & Results – Friendlies

Sadly, due a lack of interest by members all remaining friendly fixtures, following the game at Faringdon, have been cancelled in respect to our opponents.

For early season cancelled games the annotation ‘5PA’ indicates 5 Persons Available. 


Date Day Time White/Grey H/A Opponents Shots For Shots Against W/D/L
30th Apr Sat 2pm Whites A Wroughton – 4Triples 77 70 W
7th May Sat 2.30pm Whites A Carterton – 5Triples 5PA Canc by HW  
14th May Sat 2pm Greys A Wantage – 4Triples 66 54 W
21st May Sat 2.30pm Whites H Lambourne – 5Triples 70 106 L
5th June Sun 2.30pm Whites H Witney Mills – 4Triples 8PA Canc by HW  
18th June Sat 2pm Whites H Cirencester – 3Triples 8PA Canc by HW  
25th June Sat 2pm Whites A Faringdon – 4Triples 60 69 L
1st July Fri 6.30pm Greys A Burford – 5Triples 9PA Canc by HW  
9th July Sat 2pm Greys A Filkins – 3/4Triples   Can by HW  
16th July Sat 2.30pm Whites A Devizes – 5Triples   Can by HW  
30th July Sat 2pm Whites A Fairford – 4Triples   Can by HW  
5th Aug Fri 6.15pm Greys A Shrivenham – 6Rinks   Can by HW  
20th Aug Sat 2.30pm Whites A Pineholt – 4Triples   Can by HW  
27th Aug Sat 2pm Whites   H Witney Town – 4Triples   Can by HW   
1st Sept Thurs 2pm Whites H Hungerford – 3Rink Ladies    Can by HW  
6th Sept Tues 2pm Whites A Faringdon – 3Rink Ladies    Can by HW