Friday Triples League Rules

  1. Each player to pay £1.50 per game.Payment to be made in kitchen. Tea & biscuits included.
  2. Rinks to be used as shown on greenkeeper’s board
  3. First two ends to score one shot only.
  4. The team not playing will be responsible for making tea and washing up. If no one available, please inform John Spencer.
  5. Rink 6 will be available for members not playing on the day along with any stand-ins. All will get a game, of sorts, after making tea)
  6. If a team is unable to field three players then they may ask any stand-in, any full or beginner bowlers, providing they have been through the club’s coaching system. Some games might have to be pairs, playing 3 woods over 18 ends. If this is needed then inform your opposing team before Friday.
  7. Social members are not allowed to participate in this competition.
  8. Dress will be white top, grey bottoms.
  9. Please be at the green by 1:45 p.m. ready to play. Jack off at 2:00 p.m.
  10. At end of play, all equipment to be returned to the equipment store.
  11. Score cards and monies to John Spencer or Hazel Hayes. Failure to hand in score cards will result in no points being awarded to responsible team.
  12. Last person to leave to check all doors are locked, including kitchen, store room,and side entrance door to changing room.

Have good games and remember we don’t shoot the losers!