Wootton Bassett Parking Restrictions – May 2019

Parking in Memorial Hall Car-Park.

Please note that parking by Bowls Club Members and Visitors is not permitted on the dates and at the times listed below.
Saturday 4th 9.00am 6.00 pm
Thursday 9th 1.30pm 6.00 pm
Saturday 11th 6.00pm 12.00 midnight
Sunday 12th 9.00am 12.00 midnight
Monday 13th 1.30pm 12.00 midnight
Friday 17th 6.00pm 12.00 midnight
Tuesday 21st 1.30pm 12.00 midnight
Please note every Thursday is fence line parking only, unless otherwise stated. This must be adhered to.
Signs are positioned by the entrance showing restrictions
Please obey them.
Please ensure all comply
Thanking you for your co-operation.
The Committee