Club Competition Rules


Except where shown below all competitions shall be played according to Bowls England rules.

Arrangement of Matches

  • Unless the Club has arranged for a match to be played on a particular day the players drawn against each other should reach agreement on when their match should be played.  The player(s) with the main responsibility for this action are the challenger(s), i.e. those whose name(s) appear first in the draw/competition sheet for the round in question.
  • Challengers should offer their opponents three dates, at least one of which must be a weekend, within seven days of the completion date for the previous round.  At the start of the competition this offer should be made no later than three weeks before the completion date for the first round is reached.
  • Where possible matches should be arranged to be played well in advance of the round completion date, in order that should rearrangement be necessary (for example, for inclement weather), sufficient time remains available for this to be achieved within the date set for the completion of the round.
  • It would be appreciated if bowlers who can play their matches before evening on a weekday would do so in order to ease the availability of rinks for those members who can only play in the evening after ‘working hours’.
  • When a member of a pairs or triples team is unavailable to play a match full use should be made of the provisions for a substitute (See Substitutes below).
  • For singles matches the Challenger shall provide the Marker.(See Markers below),

Unplayed Matches

  • In the event of a match not being played by the completion date for the round, the player(s) responsible shall be liable to disqualification. The Competition Secretary must be notified of the circumstances that gave rise to non-completion and will rule on the outcome following, if appropriate, consultation with the Management Committee Chairman. In the absence of the Competition Secretary, a Committee member must be notified of the circumstance which caused non-completion. The Committee will then decide the outcome.
  • Any player(s) failing to start a match within 30 minutes of the agreed time will forfeit the game to their opponent(s).


  • When carrying out the duties of marker, that person shall only answer the questions asked. They shall not volunteer information and shall neither remove either jack or bowls or depart the head until both players have agreed the number of shots.
  • Markers shall stand at one side of the rink at least two yards behind the jack, keeping properly still whilst the mat is occupied.
  • See also Marking Etiquette and ‘Duties of the Marker’ in the Bowls England Rule Book.


  • In Pairs and Triples competitions each team is allowed the use of a substitute, and that substitute may play in any position. For the purpose of deciding on substitutes, the team as drawn shall be deemed to be the original team and a similar playing strength substitute permitted at the discretion of the Competition Secretary only.
  • Where a team requires a substitute for more than one match then only the same substitute is permitted.  The substitute must be a person who has not previously taken part in, or been disqualified from, that competition. A substitute shall not play for more than one team in the same competition.
  • Substitution is NOT permitted in ‘singles’ matches.

Competitions & Dress Codes

 Ladies’ Events  Men’s Events  Mixed Events


‘ Handicaps’

Handicapping, where applicable, shall be decided by the appropriate Selection Committee, (Captain, Vice Captain and one other).  In addition to applying to Men’s Handicap Singles, the draw arrangements for the pairs and triples competitions are designed to achieve a broad evening out of playing strengths between teams.


Any query or complaint regarding club competitions must be made first to the Competition Secretary, then the Management Committee, if not satisfied.  The Committee’s decision in all matters shall be final.