Quick Quiz 5 Answers


  1. Author Enid Blyton described her group of five as “Famous”. What word did she use to describe her group of seven?     SECRET
  2. If in a game of Monopoly, you owned Pall Mall and Whitehall, which other property would you need to complete the set?    NORTHUMBERLAND AVENUE
  3. The first & last wives of Henry VIII both had the same first name, which was?   CATHERINE
  4. In money slang, how much is a `Pavarotti”‘?    TENNER (Pavarotti was a tenor)
  5. In the phonetic alphabet, if A is Alpha and B is Bravo, what is E?    ECHO
  6. What was “burning bright in the forests of the night” in a poem by William Blake?   TIGER
  7. Which country has produced the most Popes?    ITALY
  8. What is the main ingredient of a Molotov cocktail?    PETROL
  9. Who played Detective Sergeant James Hathaway, sidekick to Kevin Whately’s Oxford Inspector Robbie Lewis?         LAURENCE FOX
  10. The inclusion in the dictionary of which word, meaning a low-paying, low-skilled position with few prospects, caused a fast-food chain to complain?    MCJOB
  11. In the rhyme, Solomon Grundy was born on Monday, what happened to him on Thursday?   TOOK ILL
  12. What are the icicle-shaped deposits called which hang from the roofs of caves in limestone areas?    STALACTITES

Given there have been no answers submitted to the first five quizzes, this will be the last one for the foreseeable future.