Green Update

Green Update

Hi all,

I hope your indoor seasons are going well if you are playing them. 

The phase “putting the green to bed” is not one that happens during the winter and maintenance on our green is in full swing. 

We had our autumn maintenance visit in November which included hollow coring, scarification and top soil dressing. Avonmore were very impressed with how the green was holding up with the heavy work that was done on it. The green had also had a granular winter feed applied to it, which helped the green over the next few weeks. 

In January, we have had our next Avonmore visit, where the green was sprayed for fusarium and moss. We have had a few areas of moss appear near the road side of the green but these have been treated and will hopefully respond well. The green was also air injected by the Air2G2 equipment, which increases pore space, promotes faster drainage and root development. 

The greens team continues to look after the surrounding areas of the green and have many projects lined up for the upcoming months to improve areas. 

My thanks go to the team for their continuing support with all the jobs, however we are on the look out for more help, especially moving into the new season to help with the cutting of the green – full training will be given. If you can help in any way, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required


Shaun and the Greens Team.