Race Night – Big Success

Race Night – Big Success

With the clubhouse floor transformed into a race course members gathered for the latest entertainment night at HBC. 

Bidding took place to become the owner of each horse in the 6 race programme, with 50% of winning bids going to the winning owner and the other 50% going towards the eventual purchase of a Defibrillator for the club.

Once owners were confirmed betting took place at the Tote with tickets 20p. Queues quickly formed as members chose their favourite nags and watched as each race unfolded. 

Coloured and numbered dice were thrown to determine which and how much each horse moved. Some races were over quickly but others were very close affairs. No more so than race 6 which saw all six horses lined up waiting to throw the exact number to finish, finally on the sixth attempt the black horse crossed the line to the relief of the owner and all watching.



With a break halfway through for a Ploughman’s Supper and plenty of liquid refreshment throughout the night those present had a really fun time. 


Thanks were given to the Biles family for organising such an enjoyable evening, to Steve L for manning the bar and to all those who attended for entering into the spirit of the event. 


To top it all the evening raised £184 which is a good start towards getting that Defibrillator.